French Society of Extracellular Matrix Biology (SFBMEc)

French Society of Extracellular Matrix Biology (SFBMEc)

From 16 au 17/11/2023 - Strasbourg

The aim of the SFBMEc is to promote and develop scientific exchanges between academic, industrial and hospital laboratories involved in research on the extracellular matrix, the structure and function of its constituents, the regulation of the expression of the genes of its constituents, the interactions of these constituents with cells, the signalling pathways initiated by these interactions as well as the modification of these processes in acquired and genetic pathologies in clinical and experimental settings.

The Society also aims to organize or subsidize scientific meetings or congresses on these subjects and to award grants to doctoral or post-doctoral students to attend international congresses concerning the above-mentioned fields.

The SFBMEc gathers 200 to 250 members (scientists, physicians, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians) who come from different disciplines (biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology and biophysics) that are used for the study of the extracellular matrix in many fields such as oncology, cardiology, dermatology, development, hepatology and rheumatology.

The symposium aims to address technological innovations and cross-disciplinary tools to understand and reproduce the natural extracellular matrix. It will specifically address the issues of skin and bone at different scales.

The following topics will be addressed :

- Technical innovations to create 3D fabrics

- Tools to decipher the cell/matrix microenvironment

- The physiopathology of the skin in vitro

- Mechanobiology and cell fate applied to skeletal tissue