Anawa - Biotrend

About ANAWA & our history

Since 1986, ANAWA Trading SA has provided the life science research community with high quality products and services.

ANAWA covers a wide spectrum around drug discovery which includes neuroscience, signalling, radiochemistry and immunology.

We offer more than 20'000 antibodies and antigens, > 2000 products in signal transduction research, almost 5000 radiochemicals [14C, 3H, 125I], more than 3000 peptides, several 100 immunoassay kits (EIA, LIA, FIA) and many more special biochemicals.
Our services include custom syntheses, diff. labelling techniques, peptide syntheses and antibody production and the management of entire turn-key projects.


The privately held company BIOTREND Chemicals AG in Wangen / Zurich was established by Gunther Jaeger and Werner Hassler to provide researchers with high quality biochemicals and reagents. BIOTREND supplies approx. 1900 products under its own brand, mainly for neuroscientists in industry and academia.
BIOTREND Chemicals AG has two subsidiaries, one in Switzerland (ANAWA Trading SA (Wangen / Zurich, Switzerland, founded in 1986) and the other in Germany (BIOTREND Chemikalien GmbH in Cologne, Germany, founded in 1988). A team of highly experienced researchers and marketing specialists is offering innovative compounds such as pharmaceutical products, neurochemicals, peptides, signal transduction products and radiochemicals. The quality and purity of all products are rigorously tested and most compounds are available prepackaged from a large inventory at very competitive prices.
BIOTREND has published an extensive catalogue/handbook with more than 350 pages. This compendium contains 6 sections, 43 pharmacological tables, hundreds of physical data and references.