Jellagel : New hydrogel for 3D to use at room temperature

Jellagel : New hydrogel for 3D to use at room temperature

Simplify your 3D Cell Culture with JellaGel

Next Generation Jellyfish Collagen Hydrogel for in vitro cell culture and tissue engineering

Use it at room temperature !

Features :
  • Non-mammalian&disease vector free
  • Easy to use - prepare at room temperature
  • Batch to batch consistent
  • Translatable from in vitro to in vivo
  • Produced in an ISO13485: 2016 facility
  • Increased surface area : media ratio

JellaGel offers you a completely natural and non-mammalian alternative to mammalian and synthetic hydrogels that are currently on the market.

JellaGel has been proven to provide a highly compatible micro-environment that allows cells to be encapsulated without affecting viability. Encapsulation is also synchronised with cell adhesion in all three dimensions (3D).

This product is available in 20ml and 100ml liquid formats and can be used with your cells at room temperature.

How to use Jellagel

Adipose derived stem cell organoids in JellaGel at 1 week
Prof. Leandra Baptista and Gabriela Kronemberger, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro