Stripping buffers

Stripping buffers

Buffers for removal of antibodies from membranes for reuse.

Stripping is the term used to describe the removal of primary and secondary antibodies from a Western Blot transfer membrane. Stripping is useful when it is desired to study more than one protein on the same transfer, for example a protein of interest and a charge control. When detecting multiple targets, single-membrane pickling and re-scanning instead of performing and transferring multiple gels have the advantage of saving samples, materials and time.

The stripping buffers eliminate the reaction solutions and the primary and secondary antibodies of the Western Blot membranes.
After this removal, the membrane can be reused for further detection with the same antibodies or other antibodies.

The buffers usually used for this are based on mercaptoethanol or DTT. These pads are toxic and smell very bad.
We also offer other buffers containing neither mercapto-ethonal nor DTT which have the following advantages:
  • Odorless and non-toxic, can be used without hood
  • Very effective
  • Ready-to-Use

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