Stabilization buffers - Plates and surfaces

Stabilization buffers - Plates and surfaces

Stabilizer for coated antibodies and antigens on polystyrene- or glass-surfaces

After immobilization of the antibodies/antigens and blocking, stabilizers seal the plates with a uniform stabilizing layer demonstrating good solubility and without affecting the assay afterwards.
It can also be used for stabilizing antibodies and antigens after coating on polystyrene- or glass surfaces for protein arrays. Plates treated with stabilizers can be stored for long periods after drying.
Allows long-term storage of coated plates under dry conditions even at room temperature.
The recommended optimum storage temperature is 2 – 8°C. But most stabilized plates can also be stored dry at ambient temperature for many months without loss in activity.
Stabilizers can be used for stabilizing coated ELISA plates, immunochromatographic test strips (lateral flow assays), affinity chromatography columns, protein arrays and for similar applications. It is used as a coating stabilizer for industrial ELISA kit production.

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