Bright field cell analyzers

Bright field cell analyzers

Our white-light cell analyzers can determine not only the cell concentration and viability but also the average diameter and circularity of the cells. It is also possible to visualize the range of diameters and the aggregation of cells on histograms. These cell analyzers are based on the principle of trypan blue staining.

Cell count and viability
The aggregation of cells can occur in several cases:
  • Primary cell culture
  • Culture factor
  • Cellular digestion problem
Cell aggregation makes it difficult to count cells. Our Countstar cell analyzer is able to analyze cell clusters and assess cell status.

Cell size
The size of cells is often used by researchers, the usual method is to analyze the images of cells obtained with a microscope with software. The Countstar cell analyzer provides morphological statistics of cells in 10 seconds.

Growth curve
The cell growth curve is generally used to determine the absolute number of cells that is an important indicator of cell viability. This is one of the basic parameters of the biological characteristics of cells in culture. The Countstar cell analyzer with its data management capabilities and simple operation makes it possible to store all experimental data and to draw a growth curve in a simple way.

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