Blocking buffers - ELISA

Blocking buffers - ELISA

The surfaces of the ELISA plates or Western blot membranes are optimized for efficient binding of proteins and antibodies. This allows for optimum dosages with a high density of capture antibodies or capture molecules on the surfaces. As a result of this surface optimization, many other proteins or peptides and other molecules in the sample can also attach to the surface.

Without blocking the surface, antibodies, tracers, analytes or other components of the sample would bind to the surface. This can lead to false results or high background noise which must be avoided in order to obtain reliable dosages.
Blocking is necessary to saturate the free bonding capacities of the surfaces. This saturation can be obtained by covering the surface of a dense layer of molecules without spaces in this layer.

We offer different types of blockers with different formulations and blocking characteristics. The main types of blockers are blocking buffers based on BSA or casein. There are also other protein-free blocking buffers.

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