• Since 1986, ANAWA Trading SA has provided the life science research community with high quality products and services.
  • Our services include custom syntheses, diff. labelling techniques, peptide syntheses and antibody production and the management of entire turn-key projects.
  • ANAWA covers a wide spectrum around drug discovery which includes neuroscience, signalling, radiochemistry and immunology.

Sourcing of bulk quantities


ANAWA has built up a network over the last 26 years to
source almost any bulk quantity of the following products :

::: Neurochemicals
We have access to more than 1800 active drugs, many of them
are generics and quantities up to one kg are often available

::: Signal Transduction Products
(kinases, phosphatases, proteases, a.o.)

::: Peptides
(up to kg quantities)

::: Bioactive Lipids
(Eicosanoids, Fatty Acids, Sphingolipids, Lipoxygenases)
Please let us know your requirements indicating: amount, purity and other specifications. We are renowned for competitive offers and fast deliveries.


Please inquire for further informations.