• Since 1986, ANAWA Trading SA has provided the life science research community with high quality products and services.
  • Our services include custom syntheses, diff. labelling techniques, peptide syntheses and antibody production and the management of entire turn-key projects.
  • ANAWA covers a wide spectrum around drug discovery which includes neuroscience, signalling, radiochemistry and immunology.

Peptide Syntheses

ANAWA Trading SA has synthesized several 100 different sequences over the last 26 years, from mg to g amounts and up to 80mer peptides. We can help you to design your peptide(s) regardless if used for immunization, epitope mapping, FRET-, substrate-, cellular- or “in vivo”-assays, etc.


In order to obtain a quotation or technical help, please send us to :


- Name of peptide
- Sequence
- Amount
- Purity (crude, >80%, >90%, > 95% or >98%)
- N-and C-terminal modifications


We also offer :


- Biotinylation

- Acetylation

- PEGylation

- Phosphorylation

- Incorporation of stable isotopes ([13C], [15N])

- Disulphide peptides

- Cyclic peptides (head to tail)

- Special building blocks

- Conjugation to fluorophores

- Quenched probes

- Non-natural amino-acids

  and many more …..


We welcome your request for any peptide synthesis at high quality and very reasonable prices.


Informations on our Peptide Libraries you find => here

If you are interested in Peptide Arrays you can download our flyer => here