• Since 1986, ANAWA Trading SA has provided the life science research community with high quality products and services.
  • Our services include custom syntheses, diff. labelling techniques, peptide syntheses and antibody production and the management of entire turn-key projects.
  • ANAWA covers a wide spectrum around drug discovery which includes neuroscience, signalling, radiochemistry and immunology.

Isotopic labelling

[125I] Iodination Service

::: Basic iodination
- Iodination (ca. 2 x 50 µCi [125I]) using chloramin-T, lactoperoxidase or iodogen
- including HPLC purification CHF 2850.-

For each additional and/or repeated Iodination CHF 2150.-

::: Bolton-Hunter Iodination

(ca. 2 x 50 µCi [125I]) CHF 3500.-
For each additional and/or repeated iodination CHF 2950.-
Prices include lyophilisation and HPLC purification
For iodination approx. 0,5 - 1,0mg of the cold compound is required.

::: [3H] Tritiation Service
Catalytic reduction with [3H] gas (Pd/C) or NaBH4 reactions
The tritium labelling service includes the reaction of the precursor according to the method of choice as well as removing catalyst and labile tritium.
We also offer HPLC purification and characterisation of the final products according to GLP.
We encourage you to discuss your specific requirements with us.
Other methodes like [3H] methylation are available

::: Tritiation Handling System- [3H2]
- Tritium gas
- Uranium traps
- Complete 3H-Technology (incl. dry HV-pumps)

::: [14C] Custom Syntheses
Please contact us regarding for precursor material, biochemical or full
[14C] custom syntheses.


Please inquire for further informations.