• Since 1986, ANAWA Trading SA has provided the life science research community with high quality products and services.
  • Our services include custom syntheses, diff. labelling techniques, peptide syntheses and antibody production and the management of entire turn-key projects.
  • ANAWA covers a wide spectrum around drug discovery which includes neuroscience, signalling, radiochemistry and immunology.

Antibody production


ANAWA`s custom production of polyclonal antibodies offers you the following services :
Immunisation of the animals
Screening of test bleeds (optional)
Cost of the animals plus housing and care for 12 weeks
Serum collection (ca. 20-40 ml per animal for testing)
Price for 2 rabbits: CHF 1950.-
Prices for sheep: CHF 1650.- / 1 sheep
CHF 3500.- / 3 sheep

::: We also offer :
Complete immunisation packages which include peptide synthesis and conjugation or immunisation with a supplied antigen preparation:
Custom Monoclonal Antibodies without limitation of positive clones Duration of project: 4 to 6 months after receipt of an antigen (peptide/protein).
Quantity: 3 cryo cultures and 10 ml supernatant from each hybridoma cell line Development of hybridomas includes the following steps/components:
Planning, preparation work, conjugation, if necessary
Immunisation, cell fusion, selection and screening.
This part contains: Immunisation of at least 10 mice, cultivation of the necessary myeloma line, all steps for cell fusion, including selection on HAT medium and screening. The customer receives detailed protocols and information concerning the schedule and the tests after conclusion of this part.

::: Cloning
This part contains: Two clonings including screening and cultivation of positive cultures after the second cloning. The customer receives 1 ml solution of supernatant for each positive clone for testing in his own system.
Final cloning and Cryo cultures.
This part contains final clonings and all preparatory steps to obtain pure clones. Three cryo cultures will be pre-pared for each positive stable clone. The cryo cultures and 10 ml of cell culture supernatant of each clone will be delivered to the customer. Furthermore, two cryo cultures can be prepared upon request of the client and be retained for security reasons for at least five years. These cultures will neither be used by ANAWA nor a third party.
Documentation: The customer receives complete documentation of all working steps.
Payment: After each phase of successful completion.


Please inquire for further informations.